The purpose of this site is:

  • To gather all of the important information about the college quizbowl season on a simple, easily-referenced central landing page.
  • To establish the perception of a standard season calendar, at least until a more formal scheduling process arises in the future.

This site is intended to replace teams having to search the forums each month to find out what events are happening, and tournament directors having to send out mail to advertise their events. In other words, if someone wants to get involved in college quizbowl, you can simply point them to this page and say, “being a quizbowl team means going to all these tournaments in your region, up to your maximum comfortable difficulty.”

This site was started in March 2018 by Ophir Lifshitz and entrusted to the community upon launch in June 2018. Special thanks to all my Patreon supporters and volunteers.


This site is a work in progress and is meant to serve and be maintained by the whole community. You can help make it into what you want it to be. Submit corrections and improvements to the GitHub repository for this site. If you don’t know how, ask for help.

To coordinate events, please use the forums. This is the intended venue for participating in community review before posting announcements or claiming dates unilaterally. Try not to clutter the announcement thread for this site with short-term updates and requests; use GitHub issues for that instead.

Crude to-do list:

  • Add mirror contact info
  • Horizontal table scrolling
  • Customized map per tournament